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What is Zipgig and how do I use it to get more bookings? 

Zipgig is a two-way marketplace for bands, musicians, and performers to book directly with venues looking to hire them. The strength of your profile helps you get booked because it is a window for how venues see you. Having a well-completed profile helps you stand out. 

What are the components of a well-completed profile? We’ve divided it into 3 sections. 

  1. Background info — which includes your genre and sub-genre and a compelling description about who you are as a band or performer that makes you unique. 

  2. Your marketing — how well you market yourself to the world, and what your following and fan base is.

  3. Your look and sound — photos, video, sound files. 

1. Background info, genre, and description

Categorizing your music into a genre can feel limiting, but genre is one of the first ways a venue gets to know you. If a venue specializes in country music, a band whose genre is heavy metal may not be the right fit. And as a band, knowing a genre a venue caters to, if any, benefits you as well, because you won’t invest your time in trying to book there if the fit is off. 

In Zipgig, you can select multiple genres that encapsulate your sound. Genres are the main classification of your music, but you can take it a step further by identifying sub-genres. For example, if your genre is rock music, but your rock has an edgier sound, you can add a sub-genre, like alt rock or punk rock or something else that best represents you. 

Having a compelling and relatable description also helps a venue become interested in you. A description is your opportunity to tell a brief story about who you are, what feelings or rhythms you invoke, and why a venue should hire you to play there. 

Here are examples of great descriptions:

Amalgamation is a San Francisco alternative-rock band with a mystical drive buoyed by the powerhouse vocals of front woman Robin Lovejoy and guitarist Ivo Mijac’s nimble arrangements. John Candela adds the rhythmic framework that lends itself to the neo classic rock sound. Much like their musical ancestors Led Zeppelin, PJ Harvey, & Jeff Buckley, the music mingles dark and light, exploring fever dreams of the imagination. Amalgamation brings a soulful light and sound to the Bay Area and beyond with their brand of “conscious rock”.

Grab your moonshine, sit back on your front porch rocker and let The Backwater Ramblers weave a patchwork of rustic sounds with a modern flair. They will take you on a journey through the Heartland, from the Delta to the Bayou and everywhere in between. The Backwater Ramblers play original songs with soulful vocals, wailing harmonica, twangy blues guitar tones and a rock solid rhythm section that harken back to a time when the juke joints were covered in sawdust. So keep the whiskey flowing, the boots scootin’ and share that tear in your beer with The Backwater Ramblers.
2. Your marketing

A venue, like a live music club for example, is focused on bringing customers in the door and keeping them there to consume drinks and food, because that is a large source of revenue. COVID has altered this model significantly because a venue can’t pack a house the way they used to. However, even with COVID and cautious re-opening with prescribed actions that limit physical contact, venues are still focused on bringing people in the door who will spend money while they are there, which means putting together a lineup that helps them do that. 

When a venue is considering what bands and musicians to book, they want to know if that band has a following and will bring customers in the door. One of the easiest ways for a venue to know if you can bring customers in is to know what your following is on social media and how well you market yourself.  

When you create your profile in Zipgig, you can enter your social media links for your Facebook and Instagram pages, or any other social media you are using. When a venue is looking at your Zipig profile, they can view your social media pages to see your marketing efforts to determine if you have a lot of followers and engagement. 

If you don’t have a following or don’t have the time to maintain your social media pages, that’s okay, because this alone is not the only criteria a venue uses, but if you are putting in an effort to market yourself on social media, it shows the venue you are trying to build a following.

3. Look and sound

The third area that is important is how you look and sound. In Zipgig you can upload photos, but Zipgig isn’t like social media where you can upload as many photos as you want of every event you’ve been in. In Zipgig, the photos you upload should be your best photos that capture who you are as a musician and performer, both still and in action, i.e. playing live. Obviously hiring a professional photographer is not required to promote yourself, but having high quality photos helps you stand out. 

In addition to photos, there is video and sound. In Zipgig, you can include links to your Youtube channel or other video sources and include links to your sound files, such as those on Bandcamp or Soundcloud. 

Putting it all together

If you’ve completed these 3 areas in Zipgig, you’ll have a well developed profile, which gives venues a holistic view of how great you are, all in one platform. 

After you’ve completed your profile, you’ll be ready to start sending booking requests to venues, and they can request to book with you. 

Do you have any extra advice for building out a great profile? Let me know in the comments, or email me at andrea@zipgig.io

Get started building a great profile! 

Andrea Harding founded Zipgig with a simple principle in mind: remove the walls and obstacles erected by traditional legacy technology in communicating and booking gigs, and create an easy-to-use modern marketplace where independent venues and performers have transparency and can book gigs instantly. 

Published by Andrea Harding

Live music lover, Founder @Zipgig

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