This week’s Stories in Music blog departs from past posts, where I interview a band and attend their live show to experience their music and take some pics. This week, I’m writing to support a video release for the band VOLTE.

VOLTE is a split NorCal/SoCal based-band (one member in NorCal, one member in SoCal; they play venues in both areas). They are an alt rock, progressive rock band, recording their own original music.

I interviewed the founding members of VOLTE, Carter Lane and Korey Ross, as part of Spotlight Chronicles, to learn more about their rock sound and help support their music video release of their song ‘Repeat It’ (video out March 6, 2020).

Catch their new video, ‘Repeat It’ here.

In addition to their video release, they are also playing a big show at The Whiskey Tip on March 28, 2020 in Santa Rosa.

Their music, in their words: “We have a new song and video coming out, ‘Repeat It’. It is definitely a fast-paced punk rock song but with some other influences in there, of course. We recorded it in Ukiah at Russian River Records. Our good friend, Bobby Cochran, filmed us for the entire day. The video we are releasing is us recording the song. We are also releasing our self-titled full length album, which is available on all streaming platforms. We’ve been working on a variety of videos which we have been releasing on our Youtube channel. We try to stay busy as a band and are constantly creating something. Follow us on Instagram @volte_music to stay connected and catch us live at Whiskey Tip in Santa Rosa on March 28th!”

My interview with VOLTE, where they describe their unique approach for developing their music as well as what inspires them, is below:

SC=Spotlight Chronicles VO=VOLTE (Carter Lane, Korey Ross) SC: What genre of music do you most identify with?  VO: It’s been hard to answer that question. Alt rock or progressive rock. Also, hints of punk rock. Progressive pop punk rock. Aspects of pop punk. 

SC: Describe your style of music.  VO: One of our challenges is booking shows because we are not sure where we fit in yet. Our backgrounds are more in pop punk, like Blink 182, Green Day, AFI. We have abstract influences like Radiohead. We have an interesting balance of what we like and listen to. ‘The Weekend’ (that’s one of our songs) has a pop punk sound, a Green Day kind of vibe. We do what comes naturally and don’t care to limit ourselves to any one type of music.

SC: What’s your role in the band?  VO: The core of the band is us, Carter and Korey. We write all the music and then we have a few other musicians that we bring on the road with us. One of our rotating musicians is drummer Darryll Brown. Darryll recorded all the drums on the album and this new song, and is in several of our videos, he is the closest thing to a third member. He has also some writing credit on this new song, ‘Repeat It’.

SC: Do you write your own music and lyrics?  VO: We write all our own music. We have a pretty unique process. An idea comes from the lyrics first. I (Carter) come up with the lyrics for a verse and come up with a chorus acapella and sing into my iPhone and then send it to Korey and he develops the song around the idea.  This writing style lends itself well to us living in different places. The process works well for us.

SC: How long has the band been together, what brought you together?  VO: We were in a reggae rock band together for about 6 or 7 years. When that project ended and that band stopped touring, we wanted to play other music besides reggae. We started playing acoustic loop pedal cover shows together.

We enjoy playing together and we started having ideas for our next band and sound. We started putting ideas down in 2016. Those ideas became the album we released last year.  Because there are only 2 of us, it makes the music process easier. We are honest with each other. We are not going to hurt each other’s feelings. We also got along well even when we were together in the previous band. Part of the reason and motivation for starting the band was that we got along really well and it was a cohesive fit. We went into it with that knowledge.

SC: Where are you based out of, where do you play, and in what type of venues?  VO: Our roots are in Northern California, but we also have a lot of SoCal presence. Our Santa Rosa show will be our hometown show. Our fanbase is there. We’ve played at HopMonk in Sebastopol, Ukiah Brewing Co, and will be at Navaho Live in San Diego in Hollywood, at the North End and in Chico, at the Maltese.

SC: If you had to identify with a famous musician or band, who would it be?  VO: We identify with so many bands and so many influences but its hard for us to identify our own sound. The music that we are listening to at the time we write songs may influence the song. Bands like The Used, AFI. Catfish and Bottlemen, and Arctic Monkeys for Carter. Muse, and a lot of classical music for school is what Korey was listening to a lot at the time we recorded our album. We think you can hear that coming through our songs.

SC: What inspires you as a band?  VO: What I appreciate about this band is the aggressive outlet that it provides for me. We get to rock out on stage. I have that energy and I want to get it out. There is a lot of frustration in the world and this album and live shows provides an outlet for our frustration.  Our music feels very expressive for us. We write what we feel. Joy, happiness, frustration. The lyrics are inspired by personal struggles, social conditions of the world and experiences.

SC: Is the SF bay area a good place for you to promote your unique sound?

VO: Sure. I think that there is a good scene in the bay, we are still tapping into that but with Fat Wreck Chords and other indie labels keeping the rock/punk/pop scene alive. We feel fortunate to be here.

SC: When people leave your show, what is it that you hope they will say about you?  VO: “Holy cow. I want more. I feel like I’ve walked into another dimension.” We want people to feel like they connected with us in some way. Thats what we love about good live shows is that you feel a connection to the music or lyrics in a way that is relieving or calming.

If you like their video, catch their live show at Whiskey Tip on March 28 in Santa Rosa, CA.

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