MoPac Traffic Jams – Austin Wired

On a recent Sunday afternoon in Round Rock, TX, five musicians played together on stage at Cork and Barrel Pub to do their own version of Austin Weird, which they refer to as Austin Wired. Those five musicians are MoPac Traffic Jams, an Americana Folkgrass band based in Austin, TX. They refer to themselves as Austin Wired because they play cover tunes in the Americana and Folkgrass genre, but apply their own unique spin to them.

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Icons of Industry
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Zipgig Artist Spotlight – Icons of Industry

Icons of Industry is a musical collective started by theologian and songwriter Roberto Montoya. Together with Grammy award-winning drummer Johnny Lopez III, classically trained violinist Megan Berson, seasoned bassist Greg Pasquariello, and multi-instrumentalist Robert Crown, they create dynamic and atmospheric rock and electronic music. Icons of Industry is booking on zipgig.io.

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Zipgig Artist Spotlight – Deja Vibes

Deja Vibes is an Austin, TX based band that focuses on rock ‘n roll, blues, and funk music that makes a crowd want to dance. When they play live, their setlist includes works from the Allman Brothers to ZZ Top, with plenty in between. They love to entertain their audience all night. Deja Vibes is booking on zipgig.io

The Damn Torpedoes
Stories in Music

The Damn Torpedoes – Celebrating the music of Tom Petty

On a warm and breezy Saturday night recently in Spicewood, TX, five musicians played together on an outdoor stage, channeling the music of the late, great Tom Petty. Those five musicians are The Damn Torpedoes, a Tom Petty tribute band based in Austin, TX.

Music Marketing

How to create a profile that you gets you noticed by venues

Zipgig is a two-way marketplace for bands, musicians, and performers to book directly with venues looking to hire them. The strength of your profile helps you get booked because it is a window for how venues see you. Having a well-completed profile helps you stand out and get booked.

Music Marketing

Why your band doesn’t need a booking agency to get booked

If you play in a band and your band plays in independent venues, you probably know the rigamarole of what it takes to get booked in those venues. The good news is, you don’t have to do the legwork yourself or use a booking agency to secure bookings. Zipgig can do the work for you.

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Hellbender: Sonoma County Metal

Over the weekend I headed to Red Hat Sports Bar in Concord, CA for my latest blog interview with the band Hellbender, a thrash metal band out of Sonoma, CA.

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Amalgamation: Indie Rock with a Spiritual Essence

Over the weekend I headed to San Francisco, to Ferment.Drink.Repeat (FDR) brewery to watch Amalgamation band perform there, as part of FDR’s Rock the Primary community event to register voters.

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Hush Crush Crushed It

For my latest Spotlight Chronicles interview, I headed to Amnesia in San Francisco’s Mission District to watch Hush Crush, an SF-based indie pop band playing original music.

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King Nexus – Ready for Movie Soundtracks

If the word nexus conveys a connected group, then a king nexus is a group that is preeminent in its connected form, and that’s exactly what I observed on my recent visit to the DNA Lounge in San Francisco to watch King Nexus command the stage with their progressive, instrumental rock set.

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The Pale Rumors in Full Color

To kick off my blog series, Stories in Music, I headed to The Stork Club in Oakland this past Saturday for the Tooth & Nail/Skate/Punk/Art show.

Stories in Music

Launching the Stories in Music blog series

As a live music fan, I am excited to be launching Zipgig, an all-in-one booking platform for independent venues and bands to book gigs instantly.

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How Venues Book Bands

In part 1 of the 3-part series on disruption, I wrote about booking gigs between venues and performers, and how it is analogous to the peer-to-peer ride hailing disruption of the taxi industry.

Music Industry Topics

Why Music Booking is Ready for Disruption

If you follow tech-type news, you’ve probably heard the term disruption, as it applies to business. Disruption is what happens when a well entrenched industry,

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