How to create a profile that gets you booked by venues

Zipgig is a two-way marketplace for bands, musicians, and performers to book directly with venues looking to hire them. The strength of your profile helps you get booked because it is a window for how venues see you. Having a well-completed profile helps you stand out.

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The Zipgig Pledge for fairness, honesty, and transparency

This is an article I’ve started to write many times over the last few weeks, but each time I start, I am challenged about what the perfect set of words should be to represent what Zipgig stands for, what I as the founder stand for, and how to describe why I am eyes wide open to the outrage of racism, police brutality, and the murder of innocent people. But with Zipgig’s launch, now is the time to formally put those words to digital paper, imperfect as they may be.

Music Industry Topics

Why your band doesn’t need a booking agency to get booked

If you play in a band and your band plays in independent venues, you probably know the rigamarole of what it takes to get booked in those venues. You contact venues by email or social media, wait for a response, follow up with another email with links to your music and photos of how great your band is, followed by more waiting for the venue to get back to you, if they do.

Stories in Music

Backwater Ramblers – Retro Americana with a Modern Flair

The sound is American roots music — blues, country, early rock and soul. The instruments are banjo, washboard, dobro, harmonica, and a couple of other different guitars. The sound and the instruments might be more associated with the southern portion of the U.S., but the location is Walnut Creek, California and the band is The Backwater Ramblers, an Americana music band from the east bay in the SF bay area.

Stories in Music

Hellbender: Sonoma County Metal

Over the weekend I headed to Red Hat Sports Bar in Concord, CA for my latest blog interview with the band Hellbender, a thrash metal band out of Sonoma, CA.

Stories in Music

Amalgamation: Indie Rock with a Spiritual Essence

Over the weekend I headed to San Francisco, to Ferment.Drink.Repeat (FDR) brewery to watch Amalgamation band perform there, as part of FDR’s Rock the Primary community event to register voters.

Stories in Music

Hush Crush Crushed It

For my latest Spotlight Chronicles interview, I headed to Amnesia in San Francisco’s Mission District to watch Hush Crush, an SF-based indie pop band playing original music.

Stories in Music

King Nexus – Ready for Movie Soundtracks

If the word nexus conveys a connected group, then a king nexus is a group that is preeminent in its connected form, and that’s exactly what I observed on my recent visit to the DNA Lounge in San Francisco to watch King Nexus command the stage with their progressive, instrumental rock set.

Stories in Music

The Pale Rumors in Full Color

To kick off my blog series, Stories in Music, I headed to The Stork Club in Oakland this past Saturday for the Tooth & Nail/Skate/Punk/Art show.

Stories in Music

Launching the Stories in Music blog series

As a live music fan, I am excited to be launching Zipgig, an all-in-one booking platform for independent venues and bands to book gigs instantly.

Music Industry Topics

How Venues Book Bands

In part 1 of the 3-part series on disruption, I wrote about booking gigs between venues and performers, and how it is analogous to the peer-to-peer ride hailing disruption of the taxi industry.

Music Industry Topics

Why Music Booking is Ready for Disruption

If you follow tech-type news, you’ve probably heard the term disruption, as it applies to business. Disruption is what happens when a well entrenched industry,

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